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Originally Posted by shizzle View Post
Any dealer who tells you that there is no clear coat on the paint is flat out lying to you (or they're showing a level of ignorance that suggests they should not be in the business). I'd suggest you find a new dealer.

Sealants/waxes to help the car looking great longer, but you'll need to maintain and re-apply them regularly (so yes, you will probably need to polish the car before applying either). There are some nano-coating chemicals (e.g. AQuartz), that some of the detailers on the forums here have tried out, but I don't think there has been too much long term feedback on it yet.

Dealerships sure know thier stuff................probably meant 4 Mils which is 100 microns(25 per Mil) anywho I have used AQuartz and it is a fantastic product, the only drawback is the paint must be FULLY corrected and free of any silicons/carrier oils etc.... and if you are a DYI detailer you might want a competent pro in your region to correct and apply the coating.

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