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Hi Guys,

I will be picking up my car soon (E90 M3 in Alpine White). My dealer is recomending to put one this "Liqiud Glass" stuff that will make paint look and last much better for longer. He also told me that AW and Jet Black don't have a clear coat ( ... I think thats BS).

I've heard somewhere that the BMW paints have a very thin clear coat (4 microns or so) and that if you buff a new car it will take off that finish gradually.

Can somone chime in on this? Is there are product that work wonders for the paint? Something that bonds with the paint and puts a protective coating so that the paint will look/last longer?

There was some guy flaunting this BS on the forums regarding only having 4 microns of clear! That is total BS. You would need to polish your car with a medium orange cutting pad and a medium cutting polish over 30 times to even come CLOSE to being through the clear! Two good polishes a year is your best bet.

I use sealant every two weeks as you can layer sealant on top of sealant as long as its the same one. Basically giving it "coats" of sealant and no need to polish evertime you want to do sealant. Just a good wash in between with light reccomended detergent/water (not harsh soap etc as in a car wash). Quick detailer and microfiber to dry. Then coat the sealant on and wipe off.

I know I overdo it but I love the fresh sealant shiny glossy look and it keeps my paint looking perfect.

You would have great protection if you simply did 1 polish every 6 months, and after each polish put on 2 coats of sealant, a few days apart. Then provide 1 extra application at the 3 month mark. Then at 6months you start over with polish, 2 sealant applications, 3 month sealant.... 6 month polish and repeat.

That will keep paint lookin very nice