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I have the UN55C8000, bought it when it first came out from Sears and even got the 3yr home protection on it (yes I'm a sucker). Anyways, I love the picture and everyone that comes to my never fails...always comments on how amazing it is. I don't really use the 3D as much but when I do...I just but can't help smile from the quality. Yes it's 240hz and you should be able to buy it as a bundle with a 3D Blu-ray player, 1 3D movie, and 2 each 3-D glasses (all items Samsung)....that's how I got mine and bought two more 3-D glasses. If the remote is a concern, you can add the samsung qwerty remote for $99.

Do it...freaking tv picture is absolutely amazing! Also, it's super thin (no wider than a finger) and the speakers believe it or not are pretty damn good...the 46C will not disapoint

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