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Originally Posted by mahmud///M View Post
Intermediate I guess. I can handle my car pretty well
If you are between intermediate and advanced perhaps it's time to try an r-comp. R-comps are not nearly as forgiving as a street tire and much more challenging to drive at the limit (no noise, abrupt breakaway characteristics).

If you drive to the track you could try the Michelin PSC, Nitto NT01 or Toyo R888. All of these can be driven in the rain as long as there's no standing water and they have most of their tread. I've had very good success with the PSC - not the quickest r-comp but very consistent and will turn the same lap times from new to end of life. They don't like to get too hot. If you keep hot pressures below 40 psi they won't get greasy (lose grip and start sliding around).

If you trailer the car to the track then you could try the Hoosier R6, BFG R1 or Hankook Z211. All of these are very sensitive to heat cycling so their grip will drop off fairly quickly. These are basically slicks except for two circumferential grooves so they have virtually no hydroplane resistance - ok on a damp track but not safe on a very wet track with standing water.

Square vs. Staggered - this really depends on your driving style but the biggest advantage of a square setup is you can swap wheels front-rear to increase tire life.