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This has been my experience as well. I also use tire temp to tell me how I'm driving, the tire with the most work gets hotter. If I'm not balancing the car well I tend to overheat the front tires.

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I run around 40-42 hot on AD08's on track, anything over that and the wheels get a bit greasy on track. Our cars are sooo sensitive to tire pressure that it is really a personal preference thing. Took me a full year of track days (20 events) to really dial this in for me, but man, when you get that right, neutral setup, this car can just take a beating on track. Street driving I usually just add a few PSI as I will NEVER get my tires as hot off track as I will on. In response to those that run really low PSI and still get high hot readings, have heard that under inflating adds more rolling resistance and the like which can heat up the tires faster and hotter than a higher more proper temp. Just like our M's it's about balance and precision, might take some time, but just another way to really learn/know our cars, just another level of connection, enjoy