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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
So despite individual throttle bodies, an 8400 rpm redline, aluminum construction, and 420 naturally aspirated horsepower, etc. the dry sump was the only thing that made it special? That's news to me. As I've already said this engine was designed for and proven on the track. Are you trying to tell me the 335's was also? If not I don't see what you're trying to prove.
No, it was a special engine in 2001. We are now almost to 2008 before this engine will be released. And power under the curve is a much more useful number than peak HP for all around circuit racing performance. And if it were truly engineered for the circuit, as you say, where's the dry sump lubrication?

Did you ignore the numbers being put out by the competition? Including that of a chipped 335? How do you call an engine special if it does not exceed the performance of the competition, regardless of the number of marketing descriptions you can throw at it?