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the piper bill came out to $670 -- 6.5 hours of labor plus about $50 in shop supplies -- which is a bit pricey considering what this mod can be done for if one decides to go the tape or clamp route (rather than cutting and welding in solid replacements for the two large perforated tubes) that price includes the painting and uninstallation/ the end of the day i was ok with paying a bit of a premium because i wanted the tubes actually replaced (for longevity sake) and because i believe piper to be a top notch shop...

i asked robbie about the "group buy" idea and honestly he didn't seem too interested...he was totally cool about it, and would be happy to do this mod for any other forum members (my brother is actually having his done next week), but they're pretty much at capacity as is, so significant discounts aren't really in the cards...of course, i've never been the most charming dude in the world, so maybe some of you guys can convince him to go lower???
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