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Originally Posted by DivideBYZero View Post
Previous car was a fully loaded PY 2001 car, chassis #247! So sad to see it go, but at almost 11 years old it was time. I'd upgraded the nav to DVD, screen to widescreen, added an Intravee II iPod integration and kept it in the very best condition.

New car is a 2010 JB e92 with Fox Red interior & DCT. Absolutely loving it, but the current Goodyear tyres are pretty crappy, they want to let go at the slightest provocation. Any suggestions for replacements? I always used the ContiSport Contact M3 edition on the E46 and loved the grip and progression on them, along with great wet grip. How are the Conti Sport Contact 5's?

Also, Hi.
As Deal said the tyre debate has been done to death several times - lots of info on the search function. Latest tyre from Michelin the PSS is getting rave reviews but very scare, especially the rears.

Rim protector is best on the Michelins.

Point to add - if you change tyres to Michelin or Contis and they still let go as you described above, you have something mechanically wrong with the car or the geometry is not to factory specification.