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Originally Posted by Squawks
I hate puppies with a passion. They're stupid, piss all over the place, and extremely stupid/stubborn/contumacious so as to balk their housetraining process. They chew all sorts of things. My mail, my table, my speaker cables, magazines, my couch, you name it. They ate it. They leave a mess all over the place if I leave them alone for a couple hours. I have to wake up every night for three months at 2AM, 4AM, and 6AM just to take the puppy out to go piss/crap. Most of the time they won't piss/crap until I take him back home and by then, he'll piss/crap either on the carpet or in the crate. Forcing me to bathe him.

Puppies cry constantly. Cry if you are in the kitchen cooking something for your starving self. Throughout the night they cry. They want to sleep in bed with you but you can't let them because they pee every 90 minutes. They poo ever two hours. They step on their own poo. You have to bathe them each time they step on their poo, especially if they poo in their own crate and of course, they'll be crated because you don't want them to poo/pee on your carpet or couch. Did I mentioned that they cry a lot? Those bastards.
At first I thout you were a cold hearted bastard, but after reading all the way, I totally agree with you. They are lucky they are so damn cute. They totally manipulate you with there sweet faces.

Originally Posted by Squawks
Kittens, on the other hand, are instinctively born to use their kitty litter. Leave no mess. Don't chew on things I don't want them to chew on. They don't cry. They are clean. They don't bark in the morning to wake you up.
Until they decide they want your attention and walk up your chest with their pokey paws and rub wiskers in your face every morning.
Waiting for my e93.