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Originally Posted by m3 bavaria View Post
My apologies, let me rename you "Capt. Common Sense", as you claim to possess such. What serious track enthusiast will buy a car that was "born and bred for circuit racing", when said car is tremendously overweight, and burdened with track essentials such as navigation systems, 14 speakers, heated seats, a sunroof, power windows, etc.?

The M engine is brilliant. However, the primary intent is to make wienies buy one so that they can brag about their track credentials as they drive to and from their local Starbucks. Now, if that engine comes in a CSL package, then this is a different discussion. However, given the nature of the way that the VAST majority of these cars will be used, you have to consider issues such as lower RPM available torque needed in daily situations. Even Roundel complained about this in the M5's V-10. Go figure.
I agree the 335's engine and low end torque is more cut out for the street.. because that's what it was designed for. I don't see how that takes away from the M3's V8 which was not. All the unneccessary options in the world won't change what the engine was engineered for and it's unfortunate the majority of the its buyers are more concerned with how fast they can get to the mall than how fast they can get around a track.

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