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Two points:

First, this is a fine example yet again of the benefits of joining the BMW CCA. You get the Roundel, and it is a good rag for those of us interested in things blue&white. There is almost always a gem of an article with specific stuff that you would never find in the trade rags.

Second, is the M3 E9x gonna rock? I think so. If I thought it was a rational use of my limited funds I would have put my deposit down a long time ago. The lack of an ED discount, and no deals off MSRP pretty much doomed it for me. It has the whole package -- LSD, CF roof, aluminum suspension castings that are pieces of art, perfect seats, .... And on topic, a wonderful V8, albeit without DI. My 335 with thousands of $ in mods is a cheap substitute, but both are phenomenal cars IMO. I need 4 doors for at least several years, and at that point there should be fun items to consider like the Z2 M that weighs almost a ton less.