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Originally Posted by bimmerwithholes View Post
1. tires needs to be hot = they warm up the tire before they run??
you were talking about track temp saying higher temp will slow donw the car or something.
I pointed out tire need to be hot.
2. so you are not questioning these variables huh...why did you point out these variables at first place if you don't have problem with them. You even post more questions after I respond.

Let me quote your first post

basically all you are wondering about are the uncontrolled variables

yah please make me laugh some more
I didn't say anything about higher track temps slowing down the car at all. You made that up now. I just said track temp affects lap times--nothing more. I bet you don't see a difference in between those two statements either. Then, you started talking about tire temps, and started mixing those two variables up.

I don't think you understand what an "uncontrolled variable" is. Whenever you do a technical comparison of any kind, you need to make sure the variables that affect the outcome are well documented for the different test cases, and if possible, be kept the same so that the outcomes are directly comparable. Is that so hard to understand? And the thread was all about comparing the so called offical M3 time with the lap times of 40 other cars, which weren't even official (obtained by car mags). I don't know how else this can be made clear. Also, read the rest of that thread; there are other posts pretty much saying the same thing. I wish laughing helped your comprehension abilities, but it clearly doesn't...Go on though; laugh some more.