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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
A Ferrari and a Civic are also both road going cars, driven on pedestrian roadways, and sold as production cars. Sadly the majority of Ferraris also never see a track. Yet for some reason I highly doubt the Civic and Ferrari's engineers had the same thing in mind as they built their respective cars. I'm not "Mr. Motor Know It All", but I do have common sense.. something you seem to be lacking.

If you read the article as you claim you know the new M3's V8 has already proven itself in the M3 GTR raced in the 2001 ALMS series. While it lacks the dry sump and flat plane crank of the GTR's engine, it does have close to the same power output at 8300 rpm, individual throttle bodies, etc. It even weighs 33 pounds less than the straight six found in the previous M3. This isn't an attempt to sound smart, this is straight from Roundel.

If you think the the 335i's engine is the better one for you that's great but that certainly doesn't make it a better engine. The fact is one was born and bred for circuit racing and one has had overheating issues leading to limp mode on the track. That says something to me whether or not the majority of both cars will suffer the fate of a grocery getter. At the end of the day those two engines were engineered with very different purposes in mind whether they're sitting in Michael Schumacher's garage or your grandma's.
My apologies, let me rename you "Capt. Common Sense", as you claim to possess such. What serious track enthusiast will buy a car that was "born and bred for circuit racing", when said car is tremendously overweight, and burdened with track essentials such as navigation systems, 14 speakers, heated seats, a sunroof, power windows, etc.?

The M engine is brilliant. However, the primary intent is to make wienies buy one so that they can brag about their track credentials as they drive to and from their local Starbucks. Now, if that engine comes in a CSL package, then this is a different discussion. However, given the nature of the way that the VAST majority of these cars will be used, you have to consider issues such as lower RPM available torque needed in daily situations. Even Roundel complained about this in the M5's V-10. Go figure.