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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
The facts are you are wrong. What makes the new M3 engine any better than the now going on 3 yo production Audi 4.2L engine producing almost identical specs?

Without the dry sump what makes the M3 engine special? NOTHING! And the 335i engine does not have overheating issues except when paired with the Step and the jury is still out on whether the oil cooler retrofit solves that issue.

In another year, the 09 CTS-V will be running around with 600 HP, now that is special.
"The facts are I am wrong" because it doesn't have a dry sump, and Audi has a similar engine? Ok... I think you forgot to read the first two paragraphs. I'm not saying either engine is better, only that it's hard to compare two engines engineered for two very different purposes. And while it doesn't have a dry sump it does use a second pump to prevent oil starvation under cornering and braking. Not quite a dry sump but they explained why it was left out in the article if perhaps you'd like to read it.

So despite individual throttle bodies, an 8400 rpm redline, aluminum construction, and 420 naturally aspirated horsepower, etc. the dry sump was the only thing that made it special? That's news to me. As I've already said this engine was designed for and proven on the track. Are you trying to tell me the 335's was also? If not I don't see what you're trying to prove.

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