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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
If you think the the 335i's engine is the better one for you that's great but that certainly doesn't make it a better engine. The fact is one was born and bred for circuit racing and one has had overheating issues leading to limp mode on the track. That says something to me whether or not the majority of both cars will suffer the fate of a grocery getter. At the end of the day those two engines were engineered with very different purposes in mind whether they're sitting in Michael Schumacher's garage or your grandma's.

The facts are you are wrong, but please keep drinking the M kool-aid. What makes the new M3 engine any better than the now going on 3 yo production Audi 4.2L engine producing almost identical specs?

Without the dry sump what makes the M3 engine special? NOTHING! And lets not confuse the fact that this is basically a cost saving 2 cylinder lopped version on the M5-6 engine.

And the 335i engine does not have overheating issues except when paired with the Step and the jury is still out on whether the oil cooler retrofit solves that issue.

In another year, the 09 CTS-V will be running around with 600 HP. The GTR will be making 550+ HP (with chip) and kick the M3 around any track you care to run. Now those are special engines.