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Best T.V. size for FPS (BF3, COD MW3, etc).

So the geeks say its 32inch is the optimal size for FPS. Heard this from other game console FPS players off/online. Didn't really buy it. Then, one of my friends who works for gaming industry says that is correct. He often participates in closed beta testing of FPS games (including COD, connection selected) and he says 10/10 of the hand-picked game freaks in the testing knows this.

I'm playing on 46". He said "that is why you suck so bad". I told him to f**k off.

Did some online research and found some technical advise. Something about 32" giving you best balance between vision of the whole screen and aim speed/accuracy. Too big of a screen, you get better aim accuracy for mid-long targets but you sacrifice shorter distance shots with slower reaction speed. Too small of a screen, accuracy falls dramatically for long range shots. Practical combination of the two would fall anywhere between 32~37" screen size.

Any opinion on this? About to pull a trigger on LG LED 32" for $300.
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