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Originally Posted by Ottawarealtor View Post
I don't see the point of dissecting the OP's asking price if you have no intent on buying.The dude is trying to sell what looks like a decent 335,cut him some slack
Thanks for your support Ottawarealtor.. not sure why so many haters

Just to comment on a few points everyone is making....

prince of persia, bobblehead, 604......

Ive been watching a few local cars at local BMW dealers and even used car dealers...this idea of CPO selling for less then actual price is TRUE however only by about $2000....Just saw a 2008 328xi list at 38,700 and sold at 36 2000 NOT INCLUDING TAXES and not CPO!!!! so 335i CPO will not be dropped a lot unless they are dieing to move it out..

so 36200 plus taxes is...... 40 906!!! And lets remember not CPO
So Just like my car is not RARE like an M3 neither is a 328 which sold for almost 41k

Called for an 08 335i sedan priced at 27500 sold for 27000 no taxes with 89kms NO WARRANTY

So my asking of 30K and 34k at max with taxes makes a diff of 7k and for a non 335i non CPO. So.. if people are willing to pay 7000 more for a 328 then im not that crazy asking 30k...

Will I get 30k....maybe maybe not....but someone who wants this car and appreciates its condition and what they are getting will think its a steal IMO and pay this amount or even more.....

If you want a 25-28k 335i good luck with kms in the 80-150kms range no warranty and with a car that APPARENTLY HAS LOTS OF PROBLEMS.

SO if you think pricing my car at 28k with 36kms with cars next to it priced at 25-27 with double and triple the kms with NO WARRANTY then go for it.

Im not willing to devalue the car and price it so low people think the car has been wrapped around a pole or a total lemon or a scam.....
Dealers are looking to make MAKE money not LOSE money....Im just looking to sell my car for a reasonable amount at what I think its worth and not turn around business profits.....
Thats just my two cents........