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Thumbs down Very problematic 530d(e60)

Hi Guys
Can anyone please give me some advice, i purchased an approved demo 530d from a dealership on Joburg with 25 000km and 2009 model. This car has been a problematic car from the beginning ranging from small things to suspension problems now(Apparently never been in an accident). i have been taking this back to the dealer at least once a month for the last 12 months.
All they keep saying is they will check the car from bumper to bumper. Then i get the car back in the same condition, seems to me like they probably just used it and had it washed and gave it back to me saying alls well.

I have had enough of Vehicle manufactures taking the customer for a ride as i have been through this before with a new VW GTI, i have never and will never buy another VW again and i see the same thing happening with BMW.

I believe they need to acknowledge the fact that this is a faulty car and replace it, am i unreasonable????(I would think not when spending soo much money).

The advice will be greatly appreciated.