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Scion FR-S by Greddy


Along with the red production model, Scion also unveiled a modified version of the FR-S. Built by GReddy, this black example featured small, but significant, aftermarket additions.

Although the body remained untouched, the GReddy FR-S showed a glimpse of the tuning potential of the FR-S.

The RAYS Progressiv forged wheels measured 19x8.5 +45 at the front and 19x9.5 +45 at the rear. The front brakes were fitted with four-piston GReddy calipers.

Now, Toyota and Scion have stated that they built the 86/FR-S with the enthusiast in mind, and on first impressions they weren't lying. Many of us will appreciate the lip of the rear fender, which is folded back.

The +45 offset used on the GReddy FR-S were on the conservative side, so larger widths or lower offsets can be accomodated.

GReddy's FR-S also had a twin-exit titanium muffler.

This is what the factory muffler looks like...

...And this is the GReddy replacement.

GReddy have also developed coilovers for the FR-S. In my opinion, just the ride height and wheel change have dramatically transformed the FR-S' appearance.

The Scion still retains the 86 Boxer badge on the front fenders.

The interior featured blue alcantara inserts on the seats.