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Please don't put a corsa on a bmw. If it worked on your f150 than do the opposite for your bimmer. Magnaflow and corsa are for american muscle in my opinion.

My .02 on what you should do

-BMC drop in filter-provides a great sound and maybe 1-2hp
-OEM black/chrome grilles, side gills and exhaust tips (if you keep your muffler you could do the OEM exhaust mod) these tips look great
-M performance exhaus or akra slip on or like I said OEM mod which is signifigantly cheaper. These are the only exhausts that will probably keep your family happy.
-Gloss black hood vents

Remus makes a nice sport exhust and so does eisenmann but they are no louder than stock, only deeper so to me that is a bit of a waste.

This would be slightly over budget but a nice set of mods. It is what I did ironically !