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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
You copied my set up!
Good job picking EAS! They've done plenty of work on all of my cars

Ask in the CA section, the Buttonwillow Perf Driving clinic isn't all that..
it's expensive ($200) and your track time is pretty limited, especially if it's your first time there.
The whole track isn't opened up until later in the day, and even then you can only pass on straights with a point-by....
I mean, I had fun as Button is my favorite track...but felt the $200 was wasted since everything was so controlled.

Couple of us are going to Big Willow, you should come
Haha, after much consideration I settled on your setup, I figured it will give me the most bang for the buck for what I need right now

I'll think about going on the 18th... It may be a better idea. Thanks for all the info!