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Originally Posted by SD-E93-11 View Post
This type of thing always bugs me about alot of comparos in car mags. They think something as obvious as this apples to oranges comparison will go unnoticed, but it just jumps out at people who are actually knowledgable about the cars involved. I know there are logistics to acquiring cars and the general public may be uninformed on this type of particular, but to not run the Merc against a DCT, when the DCT is such a strength of the M3, just seems manipulative.
Assuming their last M3 auto test as a baseline, then the bimmer would've done somewhat better against the merc in that part of the testing, and probably pick up another point or so in the comparison.

Then again, their last M3 (DCT) was the quickest and fastest I've ever seen tested. Of course, this current C63 is also the quickest and fastest I've ever seen tested.

In other words, no biggie. For me, the terrific thing about these comparisons is in the individual scoring categories. That enables each of us to evaluate the cars based on what we individually value.