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BMW CCA HPDE WSIR/SoW, 12.10.11-12.11.11

Willow Springs/Streets of Willow HPDE, December 10-11th 2011

Long, long time ago in a BMW CCA far, far away, we used to run some tracks that allow us to run in different directions and/or configurations differently on both days of a single weekend. It's an interesting concept, you're forced to learn how to driver rather than how to drive a SPECIFIC TRACK. A lot of times drivers get faster on Sunday simply because muscle memory sets in and they get comfortable with the track and its intricacies...

Well, rumor has it this last BMW CCA school of the year will feature TWO distinct tracks on both days. Willow Springs International Raceway on Saturday and Streets of Willows on Sunday. WSIR, a fast, sweeping course with high speed turns on day 1, and Streets of Willow, a tight, almost auto-cross like course with high technical difficulty and short straight on day 2. This will be the ultimate test for you as a driver, and for your car as a balanced chassis, because the two tracks are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of features and designs. You may find success on day 1 with a high horsepower, high weight car, but it's going to take every bit of your driving skills to keep up on day two against older but smaller chassis on the tight course of SoW.

Like all CCA events, both days will be fully staffed with instructors to help you learn to master the intricacies of both tracks. If your holiday schedule does not permit, due to company holiday parties and such, you can do the one day format of either Saturday (WSIR) or Sunday (SoW). Even if you're an advanced driver, we still offer an intensive A+ program to fine-tune your driving for that last tenth of speed and consistency as well as bridge the gap between HPDEs and a full-on race school (believe you me, if you've never attended a race school, the gap between HPDE and race school, and actual RACING, is as wide as the Grand Canyon). You will have plenty of time to work on your own skillset on track, while getting fully immersed in discussions about the next level of driving with accomplished club racers and semi-professional racers as your in-class instructors.

The value of a CCA school for a driver still willing to learn can not be compared, BMW CCA simply runs the safest program and offers the best learning environment outside of 4 figure race/driving schools offered out there.

A couple of house cleaning notes, this will be Roger and Delight's last event as registrars. If you have a chance, before you leave during the weekend, be sure to extend some gratitude for the hard work they've put in to make these events a possibility in the chapter.

Also, National mandates club membership to participate in club events now, so if your BMW CCA membership has lapsed, or if you are not a BMW CCA member, please contact Delight and find out if the first time exemption is still in place for this event. Registration will close within the week so sign up NOW!
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