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Originally Posted by roddyc View Post
Do you have any clips of the exhaust driving it conservatively in street mode? I'm kind of curious to see it would sound like in real world driving around town.

Sounds awesome in the clips you provided, but while I can definitely tell the difference in tone between the valves open/closed, its hard to gauge what the difference in volume is.

And also, I'm guessing with the tips being adjustable, this should fit an E90 with the tips not sticking out more than stock?

Looks like a great product.
Starting with the tips, a different set will be supplied for the E90 which are slightly shorter.

With the full header back system with CATS and resonators and the valves closed the closest exhaust noise volume is Akrapovic. Maybe slightly quieter

There is a massive difference between the valves open and closed. It's hard to capture on a video.

We are currently editing some videos we made.

The videos will keep coming.

We will get some other M3's beside ours with other exhausts to show the difference in noise.

The melody is very nice with either.

The valves open setting is dangerous, that's all I can say It just eggs you on to wind the motor round to the red line.

Many exhausts get quieter as the rpm's rise. Our's gets progressively louder.