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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post

I would if I was going to buy this Subaru, thank you!

But, because of Subaru's lack of backseat leg room... I've just ordered an 1M instead!

So, now I'm a BMW guy back again, hence the reason why I'm in this forum... but that doesn't prevent me from full apreciate what an accomplished car this Subaru is (or any other equally good car for that matter) and how it can be better than the 1M. That's the reason why I was banned from the 1M forum, because I can fault what I drive or what I want to drive and I can prize what the others drive.

Levi, you can't go wrong with this Subaru, I wish I was your age! Go for it and have a ball!
I waited for the BMW Z2, but till today there is yet no sign of life. That is why I am getting the BRZ. If I'll have enough I'll then add a BMW, 2 Series Coupé. I would love the upcoming M3 Sedan also. But that is later.
I am sure BRZ/GT86, 1M and Cayman are the best entry level sportcars, probably the only ones.