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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Since you were so astute as to stereotype all of us M owners, since you own one, too, which one of these 2 descriptions do you fall under?
don't worry about where i fall under. im the last person to throw an M diss at, not aiming it towards you of course, and I dont mean to sound like a cock or anything but in my family theres 6 brothers, and 4 of us currently have E90 M3, 2 E92's M3's and 1 E46 M3. And 2 of them previously owned 3 E46's and 2 E36's. So I've been around M's my whole life, I work on my car and take pride in what I do to my car. I've been an enthusiast nearly my entire life.

the reason for the sterotype although it might come off as aggressive was strictly targeted for my demographics in LA. In LA this is the crowd u get around these cars from personal experience. And most will agree with me

but not to thread jack, any updates on this xpipe?