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Originally Posted by Merked M3 View Post
Obviously you are more in tuned to SCCA classing rules...

But I didn't think you could modify the exhaust or increase the tire size by more than 2 sizes in the stock class. Also don't forget that the Lotus Elise is in AS!!!!
The Elise is in Super Stock competing against the GT3 and Z06's. The competition in AS is the Cayman S, several base Corvettes, and lots of other proven cars that aren't showing up because people seem to think the Cayman S is an overdog even though the 'vette won it all this year, and because the costs aren't really any better than Super Stock, you just go a lot slower. I'm going into this knowing it's an uphill battle in AS. The thing with SCCA is, once the car is classed unless it's just an obviously wrong classing, you have the burden of proving otherwise. Proving otherwise means building a car pretty close to the limit of the rules and driving it well and showing that it either is or is not competitive. I think it gives up about half a second to the Cayman on the tighter courses with a balls-out build. IMO, it fits best in F Stock with the other V8 RWD muscle cars, but if not there it belongs with the Z cars and RX8's (and miatas, and solstices) in C-Stock from a speed potential perspective. We'll see how badly outclassed it is next year. I suspect it's going to be really bad against a Cayman on a tight course and maybe within a few tenths on more open courses. Even as big as it is, the M3 is narrower than the Cayman and has a much better power/weight ratio, but the Cayman is lower, can fit almost as much tire, brakes harder and probably has better accel traction thanks to the layout. The closest analogue to an M3 in AS is probably the C5 Corvette, ironically.

In SCCA Solo2 Stock you can use any DOT-approved tire that will fit on the wheels without modifying the body or fenders in any way, you can use any exhaust setup you want from the cats back, so technically I could probably delete the resonators if I wanted to be really dumb. You can also change the air filter and use whatever oil you want!

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