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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
Ha! Ha!
Thanks for the encouraging words, but I have to work for a living. I've spent time poor and on the road crewing in a previous life. There ain't no money to be made in cars or racing.
think the guy was being sarcastic about you patenting your "process"

Not sure if he was encouraging.

With that said a hemoltz resonator is largely for sound elimination more than changing the pulses of intake air. If you do not want any sound elimination than you really do not need a hemoltz design and a direct path is ideal.

The actualy intake MANIFOLD tubing is what can be tuned by variable lengths to time the pulses of air but the hemoltz really has nothing to do with this process. That is why the variable intake tubing on some bmw's with the DISA valves opening/closing at certain rpms to vary the legnth of intake tubing based on rpms. That is what you modify and not the intake box for performance.