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On my other E92 M I ran Pagid Rs19's dual purpose and if you could live with some low speed grabiness & moderate squeel then they are not a bad choice.With my BBK this year I ran both a RS29 all the way round and a RS14/29 combo with good results both on track and liveable on the street.These newer Track pads are a lot different than the track pads that I have run in the past with very low disc wear and good stopping power when cold.I ran most of the track season with my track pads in but the noise does not bother me for the most part.
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My Brembo BBK's came with the DS2500's and they worked great for both street and track use. I was amazed that I got about 10000 KM's of street use and a good 8 or 9 days of track use...
Thank you for all the advice! I went with Stoptech and installed them yesterday. Now I need to bed them in and my first track day is hopefully on December 17th!