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Originally Posted by LV-E92M3 View Post
don't you have a plan to make titanium version?
That would be absolutely incredible if they did, but probably super expensive, hehe.

Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
This right there is the difference between a vendor who sells stuff and an engineer who makes stuff. 0.5 bar across the primary cats!. No wonder these things are so happy when they're uncorked!

The weight thing doesn't surprise me. The only way BMW with all their resources was able to improve on the stock exhaust was to use super-thin Inconel, pretty much ignore aesthetics except for some sorta nice Ti tips, and charge $3700+ and they were only able to drop 20lbs. Add the additional complexity of the valve system (Which I personally can do without but I understand the draw, I have a dump on my pickup truck) and you're there.
Very well said! This is one reason why I am a huge supporter of Evolve Automotive. I don't have the greatest knowledge of automotive engineering, physics, or tuning, but I love how they are always creating threads and posts that educate many of us.

Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
This is exactly what I have been wanting from all mods people are doing. Some actual date. People tend to hate on me for questioning different mods that provide NO data on whether they actually do what they say or comment on specifics.

Especially the headers thread. If sal can provide this extensive of a write-up on a rear section exhaust than it is not concievable to me that so many would jump on the new headers bandwagon without seeing some basic measures of things.

I hope you sell a bunch of them as you deserve it. Unfortunately most people do not care and will impulse by without any data. I wish it was different. This looks like the number 1 exhaust out there based on what you say and its clips! Congrats!
This is the type of stuff I love to hear prior to ever buying a product, especially at this price level. I have made many mistakes in my past just impulse buying as you said. After speaking to Sal over the phone nearly a year ago regarding my E46 M3, I realized that us as consumers need to really dig deep in our research. Fortunately, Evolve is one of the companies who are always willing to be candid with us.
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