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Originally Posted by mkPOTO View Post
great to hear sal,
when do you think you will have finalize cost for this badboy?
Probably in the next week or so.

It will be very reasonable given the quality of all of the components from the internals of the silencers to the tail pipes and what people have been paying for other products which are also valve based but do not do what this does.

Also, given that it is the only valve exhaust with so much R&D to prove the power does not fall away.

It will also be at the very top end of of the full exhausts in terms of increasing ultimate power output through the rpm range without the nasty <3000rpm power dip of the majority of exhausts.

To summarise this is a very very unique product which has all of YOUR wishes answered.

Small things like adjustable tail pipes make a big difference because as soon as you fit a rear diffuser most tail pipes will not longer be visible.

Even the valves themselves are removable in case of failure. So you don't have to get a complete replacement but just take 15 mins to change them over without even removing the exhaust.

We are also making the whole system very modular with many different parts. So a system can really be customised.