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Originally Posted by mrjayo View Post
this is the last time im posting about this and one more thing to say about this cheap guy. i asked him if he could meet me any closer and he says i have no way of transporting the exhaust and when i get to his house he has a truck just like his picture and you taking modifying the exhaust urself isnt a real stock modified exhaust. sorry picture is so big
Huh? This guy doesn't even make sense. And yes I told him I had no way to transport the exhaust because I told him four times prior that I wasn't willing to meet and he still didn't get it!

Just to show everyone on the board just how dumb this kid is I am offering a full refund to the buyer. Once the exhaust is in my hands I will cut it back open (on video) to show the world the truth!

Funny how he wont respond to my FULL refund offer(I will even drive up to LA and pick it up)...Oh and kid why can you post up the entire conversation we had over the phone? How come you keep editing it to say what you want?