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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
I'm sorry but it's so annoying when people like you who have no experience with the product whatsoever say things like that just from hearsay and spread misinformation or misguided ideas. Let me guess you never had H&R coilovers. You just 'heard' or read it online, from someone else who also never had H&R coilovers and read it from someone else, and was spreading misinformation himself just like you

Now about the "engineered for the streets" part; isn't that what most of us want? Pretty sure we are not talking about dedicated track cars here.

"Engineered for the streets" is the manufacturer's way of telling us that this specific kit can be daily driven, won't clunk, and so on.

Also for the record I have countless track days on my E46's KW kit that was -you guessed it- engineered for the streets and on the "ring". Sure everyone and their mom was swearing (and still is) by more track oriented brand. Truth is my kit was absolutely flawless and performed great for what it was and never gave me any issues after countless track and street miles.

And it's unecessary to make H&R sounds like it's some made in china raceland crap. These are still German made under ISO and TUV standards. Just not the most popular brand and it's the trend to bash them.

The only thing I can see giving H&R a bad rep (other than the hordes of forum people spreading misinformation) is their rear spring perch design seen on the E46 M3 or Z4M. They just broke. This new kit has a revised rear spring perch design (a la KW) so there is really no ground to criticize it.

To the 20min session without foaming comment: I actually tracked a Z4M with the most basic street perf H&R setup. Had no dampening adjustment but WTH, we got it for barely $700! It performed flawlessly all day long (open track day no session) at Willow Springs.

Anyhow... sorry for the rant. But here's an unbiased and objective opinion for a change:

I think those coilovers should be a great bang for the buck in the E9x world. Great for people who don't want to shell out 2-4k yet don't want to be stuck riding stock or mismatched lowering springs/ shocks/struts setups. I'd probably expect those to be similar to a KW V2 setup. Minus the inox strut/shock bodies.

You have no idea what my experience base is yet you sure had no trouble attacking me. It sounds like you have zero experience with H&R and somehow it's ok for you to extrapolate from your kw "street" kit to H&R so how is that any different from my comments? Oh, BTW, I do have previous experience with H&R (not on the e92 m3) and will NEVER buy another H&R product because it was, IMO, junk - is that better for you?