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Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
Well because D series has more to offer now.
If $300-500 more for better technology is your concern, paying $300+ extra for getting 8000 over 7000 over a no difference other than bezel does not make sense.
C8000 isn't a great buy anymore... If you want to get a good looking tv with budget in mind, I would just get UND7000 or PND8000.
Just my 2 cents.
I get what you mean by better technology

But I looked into it...correct me if I'm wrong seems the only difference between a C and D is the keyboard remote.

and the D8000 comes with glasses, while the D7900 doesn't (nor doe the C8000)

Did I make a mistake?

If the difference between C and D is simply a remote...than how can it be worth 3-500 dollars?

If the D does indeed provide better picture, dimming, blacks etc...than I agree with you 100%. I just couldn't find any evidence that the D is worth it over the C. Please do prove me wrong.