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Wow, this is too funny! Yes he does have a stock exhaust, one that has been modified! If there are any doubts please do not hesitate to call Lyon's Muffler in San Marcos, CA. The owner Jim helped me fabricate the plates that I covered the pipes with inside the can. On top of that the entire top of the can HAS CLEARLY BEEN CUT OPEN AND WELDED! I swear this kid is retarded! I will bet any amount of money that the exhaust is modded as I did the work myself! Again this kid is just that, a kid... I will not even get into all the texts he sent me about how I'm a "p*ssy and a bitch."

There are also a few members on this board that have heard the modified exhaust when it was on my car.

To all the good, honest, hardworking people out there avoid this spoiled little brat at all costs.

Oh and this is the last text he sent me-

"Lol ur funny u lil bitch ur the only person I haggled cuz u were a cocky pussy when I spoke to u over the phone so go ahead and enjoy ur shit talking
I still got wat I wanted u pussy"

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