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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
So wait, there's no mass public transit in L.A?
There is a bus system which (as far as I have experienced) a rather miserable commuting experience, jam-packed full of sweaty, stinky people

There is a functioning metro system that is quite clean, reliable, and runs about every 10 minutes. The downside is, because of LA's sprawling nature, it does not go to a whole lot of places. It DOES run up to Pasadena (Gold line), the Red into Hollywood, and the Purple into Mid-Wilshire. If you work downtown and happen to be within walking distance of one of the stations on that line, that is a really easy commute to many downtown locations. Though it will be very difficult trying to find a place with metro-accessibility being a "must-have" (at least as compared to NYC, DC, etc.).