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Originally Posted by brocken View Post
Yeah, most vendors have 1k or less. REALLY frustrating when I've just gathered a ton of items.
I'll usually wait until I need to buy a bunch of stuff from that vendor and then sell back other stuff.
Otherwise, I end up stashing a lot and disenchanting items.

Being a werewolf is pretty awesome. i haven't seen a downside other than no sleep bonus and you can only change once a day. I used it a lot early on but not as often now.

I haven't done much on the main quest either. Keep getting sidetracked with other fun quests. Done a few of the daedric lords quest. Kinda cool they worked those in. Gets you some nifty items too.
I've only found 2 or 3 of the Daedric lord quests....the one with the lost dog was pretty funny. I guess I should search around to find more.

I wasn't a fan of the werewolf, my enchanted daedric swords can do way more damage than the wolf ever could and I can drink potions/cast spells etc. Luckily you can get rid of it if you wish. I'm playing a "good guy" on this playthough so the stealing and killing in towns doesn't interest me.

I've been running around and finding all the new words to learn. I'm getting sick of killing dragons, never thought I'd say that. They should be more difficult and less of them to battle. Even on the hard difficuly I can whack them down in like 30 seconds, hardest part is waiting on those buggers to land!
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