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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
My job is downtown; trying to figure out a neighborhood that allows for a 20-25 min commute (pasadena?)
I am a recent (within the last few months ) east coast->LA transplant as well and went through a similar process (since I work downtown as well).

South Pasadena will get you close, though I think 30-35 min is probably more likely. I would say punch in routes you are considering, click "avoid highways", and then add ~50% to the time for rush hour. That should give you a general sense of far you can live for a short commute (which you'll see isn't that far ).

I would do a test commute from West Hollywood before you look there (as it was mentioned above). And not just at rush hour... getting in and out of that area can be terrible due to a lack of freeway access (and the only real access is the 101 which is a shitshow most of the time).