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If you're ok with, or hell, even looking for, a more urban feel, I'll second downtown. Could probably find a place where u can walk to work (gasp!) Also nearby, that maybe a bit more Brooklyn/Williamsburg-y, is SilverLake or Los Feliz. Neighborhoody, hipster, good indy bar/restaurant/coffee culture. You could get downtown without taking the freeway if you want/need and they're both cool neighborhoods if that's the vibe you're looking for.
is it hipster to the point that they'll hate on yups in M3s?
I'd say no, both areas have kind of been changed a bit by their popularity. ie yuppies have moved in, so I wouldn't say it's militantly hip, heh.

But if you're dreaming of the burbs as you put it, Pasadena does seem like a good place to start. Nearby there is also La CaƱada and Montrose, which is above hwy 210, where hwy 2 intersects it. Nice up there, right along the Angeles National Forest. Hiking, mtn biking, camping, twisty drives nearby. I've heard there are some good school districts up there too if you have kids.

Like others have said, going even further out into planned communities will yield even more space and newer and bigger houses/yards, but areas like Valencia or Orange County will almost definitely fall outside of your commute target, even without traffic.

Santa Monica/Venice is great but yah, the commute could be borderline. Tho I've had good and bad traffic from downtown to that area around 7:30pm on weeknights. If traffic is light, it's shockingly 15 or so miles, all freeway (20 mins?). But that's not usually the case as we all know.

Im not a local but when I moved here I noticed a lot of people here have a cascading series of other routes in their mind. At the first sign of traffic (or better, anticipate it with a traffic app), quickly go to plan B, or C, etc. Someone here was offering to help you with that..good luck!