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Originally Posted by nomoreZ06 View Post
Here is another good thread from Europe with good detail. Should have included it with the first.
Woa! That is a rather overwhelming site. But good info there!

Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Where are you getting the PC from? I got mine from Chemical Guys and the kit came with the backing plate. I forget the size, but I know it fits the 5.5" pads with no issues.

You want an assortment of pads, since they all do different things. Just take a look at any of the good detailing product sites. They tell you exactly what they do (cut, finish, wax/seal etc). Get a bunch of different ones. I buy them in bulk because I'm not paying for the pad cleaner. That contraption looks good for pro detailers who detail many people's cars, but I can just buy new pads for me (they aren't that bad on the wallet). Plus, I don't actually use them THAT often, maybe twice a year.
I was going to order from CG, but ended up with $200 in misc detailing supplies instead. I will still eventually get one, Amazon has them cheap too. I spent about an hour on Autotopia, there is a lot to read over there.