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Originally Posted by AndyzDad View Post
+1 and the Topanga Canyon pass/ PCH, miss driving through there now that I'm in Cold Cold Canada!
My favorite is the Kanan Rd down to Malibu. Also, right next to Steve Thomas BMW in Camarillo and the outlets near Las Posas rd, there is a street that "supposedly" is never policed and people can go all hell on that street. It is surrounded by farm land and no one is ever around. I've never seen it but people from STBMW has mentioned it to me.

In any case, Pasadena to downtown should take you about 35 minutes going from Pasadena, down through 110S IF you leave early enough. I find ways to navigate through local streets though since I drive from Arcadia/Pasadena down through downtown to Beverly Hills a few mornings a week...usually takes me 55 minutes to 1 hour but its all local.

PM me if you need more short cuts. =) I think I know LA like the back of my hand by now.
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