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BF Goodrich R1 size question

My Nitto NT01s are pretty much done at this point, and I'm thinking of trying the BF Goodrich R1 for next track season. I had been using a Nitto 275/35-18 square setup on my dedicated 18x10" track wheels, but I see that a lot of people who run the BFG R1 do a staggered 265/35-18 and 285/30-18 setup instead of 275/35-18 square.

mastek tells me he thinks the main advantage of a square setup is the ability to rotate tires and increase useful tread life. I've certainly heard this argument before, but I'm curious as to why Turner Motorsport recommends the 275/35-18 square setup on their site instead of the staggered fitment others are using. I like the idea of a fatter front for turn-in and braking, but I do have some concerns about the BFG R1's front fitment in a 275 on our cars. While the specs on the Nitto and BFG websites show an identical section width of 10.9" for a 275/35-18 on a 9.5" wheel, others have posted pictures here showing how much wider the BFG runs compared to Nittos and other brands. Has anyone here tried the BFG R1 in a 275/35-18 square setup? Any other thoughts either way?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for your comments, mastek.