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Originally Posted by boarderman23 View Post
I'm pretty sure warped, but I don't know what "pad deposit" is. I have 10k miles and it started at/after the track. Pedal and wheel vibration when braking...not very noticeable at 30mph, but very noticeable when braking at 60+. What symptoms do pad deposits show?

Also, this wasn't my second time at the track (I have a different track car, but decided to take this).
Pad deposits are uneven transfer of pad material to the rotor. The symptoms are the same as warped rotors - shuddering during braking. Something as simple as having foot on brake at the end of a session can cause material from heated up pads to transfer to rotors.

There's no downside to trying what I suggested.

First thing in morning, while pads are cold and abrasive, try this...