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Originally Posted by ThunderMoose View Post
How sure are you that they are warped? I did a track weekend this summer and didn't have any issues. I am also pretty new, so I may not have been pushing the car very hard.

You may just have some pad deposit. One of the instructors suggested hitting the rotors with some water the night before (to get a bit more abrasion on the rotors) and try to re-bed them in the morning when pads are cold to knock off the deposit.
I'm pretty sure warped, but I don't know what "pad deposit" is. I have 10k miles and it started at/after the track. Pedal and wheel vibration when braking...not very noticeable at 30mph, but very noticeable when braking at 60+. What symptoms do pad deposits show?

Also, this wasn't my second time at the track (I have a different track car, but decided to take this).