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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
I finally installed the topspeed ebay x-pipe. Fit is perfect. No issues at all with the install other than having to fiddle with the mid clamps a bit (the ones that attach to the flexible arms in the center of the car behind the rear 02 and ahead of the x section). Looks very well made to me.

Like any unresonated x-pipe, it is loud under certain conditions and raspy under certain conditions. I won't be leaving it unresonated. I bought a pair of stainless Vibrant resonators. If they do not do enough, I will install a second set. Vibrant makes really nice stuff in my experience and these are only $50 each. At present, it is too loud for me overall, though at some rpm and throttle positions it is fine. I am not one of those people who is trying to attract attention through a loud exhaust. I just want the improved performance. A tune will be next.

I'll inspect the inside of the x section when I cut to install the resonators. I was expecting lower quality and fitment problems, but did not find any yet. Maybe the inside of the x section will be the disappointment, but from the outside, it looks just like the factory design and the design used on some of the other x-pipes.
any video or any plans on a dyno session?