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Originally Posted by M3ryder55 View Post
i agree, 2,000 dollars for a freakin x-pipe is a joke. get real with these prices

i dont mean to dis any brands, but what kind of engineering goes into an xpipe design... it's common sense for more surface area for your welds.. is that it?

this is engineering;

and an xpipe is something an illegal can make me in a few hours at their muffler shop.. of course these things are coming from taiwan. but how much does it cost to make one here in the US? Get a good gig, mass produce a bunch.. the most expensive one is your trail, "gig" built and once you get that right, it's easier to make the rest. Shouldn't cost more than 400-500 bucks US dollars to make a quality xpipe. So about 700 800 is reasonable for these things for "GOOD QUALITY" US metal. and if you think i'm throwing numbers out of my rear end this is my brothers metal shop;
and even he will probably argue it's cheaper than that. fact is, as a business manufacturing parts for expensive cars, especially M cars, I know the crowd is going to be young douchebag spoiled college kids in their early 20's with mommy and daddy money to blow, or 30-40 year old cocks that don't know much about cars in general and will pay a insane amount or something so dumb. So as a business owner I will tax the crap out of my product because I know I can get it.

Im not trying to start anything but the simple fact that you call an "assembly jig" a "gig" leads me to believe you have no idea what you are talking about. I would tell you to slow down and take a closer look at the product but you wouldn't understand the time and craftsmanship that goes into them. The expensive X-pipes are made of very high quality materials with excellent fit and finish. Do you have any idea how long it takes to prep the tubing just to tig weld it? Or fabricate and tig together all of the hanger brackets? I for one do and I can say without question the expensive exhausts justify the price. I come from an extensive background that consists of off-road race car fabrication and LOTS of racing. I know exactly what's involved in the fabrication process and think its totally with in reason. So those of you out there diss'n the high end exhausts saying they are over priced you couldnt be more wrong.

With that said did I buy an expensive x pipe? NO! I personally didnt see a reason for it. I bought a used RPI system an cut it up to my likings and am very happy with the price I paid and what I got.

I just get upset when people come on here and say the high end exhaust companies are ripping people off because is an "M" To me that is downright ignorance. Unless you have actually bent up some tubes and spent some real time behind a welder you probably should keep your mouth shut.

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