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I had a brutal time with my appendix. I was having really bad pains and I went to emergency and the doctor told me it was acid reflux. I went home with some pills and was still in extreme pain. That night I was able to sleep off and on but around 7am I woke up with insane pain. I blacked out on my way down the stairs and woke up at the bottom. I called my grandma to take me to the hospital.

Once we arrived my I went straight into xray. My grandma was telling the doctor to check my appendix before it ruptured. He looks at the xray and says too late.

Long story short. My appendix ruptured the night before. I got gangrene and spent 2 weeks in the hospital and was on a very heavy dose of penicillin for about a month.

The thing is that I never had pains in my side. It felt like severe gas cramps. Terrible experience all in so don't hesitate to go to the doctors early. Good luck and let us know how it goes!