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anyone have appendicitis?

Not sure what to do, or when to go to ER. I might be just imagining things...
would like to hear what people felt like before they got it. I know you are not doctors. I made an appointment with my DR, but the earliest he has is on tuesday next week x_X.

Basically, it started on last wednesday during class. I was slouched down in my seat, and when I got up, i felt a sharp pain right under my ribcage on the right side. Thought it was nothing, but it hurt for like 2 minutes. I took a deep breath and it went away.

At night it came back, except more in the middle next to my belly button. It came and went for a few hours. No extreme pain or anything.

Told my parents, they asked if I felt nauseous or anything because my dad had it before.

Went to sleep.

Thursday aka turkey day. Everything was fine, but I could feel like something was wrong in my ab area. It didn't hurt, but felt like something was there pushing at it when I would get up or stretch that area.

Friday was awkward. It started hurting a lot in the bottom right of my body, like where the groin/ab/hip meet. When I walk it felt a bit painful.

Saturday same thing as friday, except less pain. I felt fine, just when sitting down my hip/ab area would hurt a bit. End of day saturday felt fine. Thought I was cured, but after dinner I had some bloating. Took some antacid tablets.

Now I am not sure what to do. My dad got appendicitis and his was in one day. He just woke up feeling terrible, high fever, puking, and we went to the ER.

Aside from the small random pain and some bloating on saturday, I have felt fine. No fever, vomiting, diarrhea, nothing really.

Just curious to see what other people could think it is, and would love to hear your stories if you ever got appendicitis
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