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Anyone need a gaming rig?

I bought this a year ago when i was going to use it to play games but then i got real busy with work and never got around into setting up my game room, i've used it for a little over 10 hours before putting it away. i spent over 2 grand on everything...

it's a Dell XPS 8300 desktop

Core i7 3.4ghz
8gb ram
24" Dell HD monitor with dell sound bar
logitec bluetooth mouse and keyboard
brand new in box photo printer with ink cartridges...

everything is in brand new condition, it has windows 7 professional on it..

i haven't been into the computer scene for awhile now so i don't know what's what, but i imagine this computer will play any game you throw at it?...

i want 650+ shipping for everything

let me know before it goes on craig's list and ebay

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