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Performance winters do NOT have the ice compound in the first 50% of tread. The have a regular winter compound which is still much better than an all season compound. Tires like the ws-60 have the dual compound. Most, if not all, winter tires have a silica compound but true ice tires (ws-60, x-ice) have other things in their compound as well. Performance winters do not to support the higher speed rating.

None of the tires you noted will have particularly great ice traction. The LM-60 likely being the best. The issue is good ice traction means poor treadwear due to soft compound. I would rate them in terms of ice/snow traction (best to worst) as LM-60, Dunlop, Pirelli. They would likely be the exact opposite for dry weather traction. My bet is that the LM-60 would wear the fastest given they are likely the softest.

If you really want good ice traction, go with an 18" true ice tire. If you want a balance of ice/dry/snow performance... especially in the PNW... I would bet the Dunlop's would be hard to beat.
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